Does Dara's Garden require a wedding planner?

To ensure that our couple’s once in a lifetime event comes together seamlessly, we require them to hire a professional wedding coordinator. Dara’s Garden does NOT offer wedding coordination or planning service. We focus our expertise & efforts into ensuring that the venue logistics for you wedding are in proper place & up to our standard of excellence.  Please email  for a list of approved professional wedding planners. 

Does Dara's Garden offer any discounts?

We provide options for couples wanting to make the most of their wedding budget by offering a Professional Planning Discount, a Military discount and a Daytime Discount (for weekend events concluding by 6pm).

Please email for a detailed description & required qualifications for our offered discounts. 

Is Dara's Garden an Indoor or Outdoor Venue?

Dara’s Garden is primarily an outdoor venue. Our 4,000 square foot pavilion is surrounded by ravishing roses & lush landscaping. The perfect place to eat, drink & be married; our pavilion hosts a grand chandelier & bistro lighting for dancing the night away with your guests. Equipped with a French drain, concrete flooring & gutters; it is designed to cover guests during the event of mild to moderate rainfall. It offers excellent shading during the summer months. This structure is not insulated or air conditioned. While prepared to accommodate rainfall & keep guests comfortable in the event of rain, the pavilion is NOT waterproof or suited for natural disasters. Our historic home is available for micro weddings, luncheons & showers hosting 30 guests or less. Please inquire with Dara’s Garden to reserve the historic home for an event.

How many guests can Dara's Garden accommodate?

250 is the maximum guest count for the tent pavilion. Larger guest counts can be accommodated with special set up requirements. Email for specific set up details & options.

Is there a time limit at Dara's Garden?

Our fairytale package offers a firm 12 hours of access for your wedding & reception and  1 hours of cleanup time following the celebration. Additional hours are NOT permitted out of consideration for our team members who provide excellent client care for the entire 13 hours of your hosted event. 

We value being a considerate member of the South Knoxville Community. We ask that all receptions conclude by 10:30pm. For summer ceremonies in July and August starting at 6:30pm, we allow music to go until 11pm. 

Can Dara's Garden hold my date?
We are happy to place a complimentary hold a date for your event for 7 days. It is the responsibility of the client to contact Dara’s Garden via email or by calling the office within seven days of requesting the hold.
What is the Retainer policy for Dara's Garden?

50% of the Dara’s Garden invoice is due to reserve a wedding date. The remaining invoice balance is due to be paid within 150 days of the first retainer payment. The event date is subject to being released should the Dara’s Garden balance remain unpaid after 150 days. For events taking place within 150 days of reserving the date, the Dara’s garden invoice balance must be paid in full.  Retainers are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Is my deposit refundable?
Payment of the Dara’s Garden invoice is non-transferable & non-refundable. We offer a seven-day complementary hold so that you have time to thoroughly research and & think through wedding day venue options prior to reserving the wedding date. We are confident you will find value in our packages, integrity in working with our staff & joy on the wedding day. In the event you need to cancel the date, written notification is required by both parties.
How often can I visit or meet at Dara's Garden?

We are very excited to celebrate with the sweet couples that trust Dara’s Garden as their wedding day location. Please know that we can meet as often as you like or need. We schedule all meeting & tours by appointment only as our wedding schedule allows, on Mondays-Thursdays.

What is the clean-up policy for Dara's Garden?
The client is responsible for gathering and taking all personal items they would like to keep. These items can be gathered up once your event has concluded during the 1 hour that the Dara’s Garden staff is on site breaking down your event. This clean up time is NOT deducted from your package hours of property access. Dara’s Garden requires each couple to have a contact person to be sent home with any items left at your event. Dara’s Garden is not responsible for personal decor not gathered by the agreed contract or items left behind after your event. Please note that any items left behind after your event will be discarded if arrangements have not been made.
Does Dara's Garden require wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a common policy for most venues. This requirement is in place so that our clients & couples have peace of mind on their wedding day. 

Can we reuse the ceremony chairs for the reception?
We do not allow transporting of chairs during your event. For the comfort & safety of your guests & to most enjoy your event, it is best to have all chairs in place prior to guest arriving. Dara’s Garden will place all chairs included with your wedding package the day before the wedding.
Do I need to rent an additional tent?

Our pavilion is 4,000 square feet & can accommodate seating of 250 guests, menu tables, DJ, bar and dance area comfortably. Clients are welcome to rent an additional tent to extend their covered reception are or shelter their ceremony site. Our sister company Event Rentals is the required rental company for ALL TENT RENTALS at Dara’s Garden.

Where can I rent an extra tent?

Our sister company Event Rentals is the required rental company for TENT RENTALS at Dara’s Garden.

Does Dara's Garden have a required rental company?
Dara’s Garden includes rentals in all our event packages. For additional standard rentals NOT included in your Dara’s Garden package, we require you to rent from Event Rentals by Rothchild. We consider standard rentals to be tables, tents, chairs and bistro lighting. We understand that each couple has their own unique style. We do work with specialty rental companies for couples wanting custom linens, arbors, furniture, glassware & lighting for their wedding. Please check with your Dara’s Garden venue coordinator to make sure your specialty rental company is approved at Dara’s Garden.
Who is the required catering company for Dara's Garden?

Dara’s Garden works exclusively with Rothchild Catering for all wedding receptions. We partner with our sister company, Rothchild Catering, to guarantee a seamless and excellent Dara’s Garden experience priced at the best value on the day of your special event. Rothchild Catering has been in business for over 40 years. They can offer menu suggestions and can custom create a desired menu based on a variety of individual tastes and cultural backgrounds.

Are there other required vendors for Dara's Garden?

At Dara’s Garden we REQUIRE you to select from our list local, licensed and insured bartending services. Please email for an approved list of bartending services. Please note that only listed bar services are approved to work at Dara’s Garden.

Are there other required vendors for Dara's Garden?
At Dara’s Garden we REQUIRE you to select from our list local, licensed and insured bartending services Please email for an approved list of bartending services. Please note that only listed bar services are approved to work at Dara’s Garden.
Are specialty sweets allowed at Dara's Garden?

All bakers providing wedding cake and or dessert must be provided by licensed and insured. 

Specialty drinks, like coffee, and specialty sweets, like donuts, are allowed at Dara’s Garden from licensed and insured companies. Dara’s Garden is not responsible for the setup and placement of specialty desserts & drinks delivered by approved vendors.

Are sparklers permitted at Dara's Garden?

We do allow sparklers at Dara’s Garden. However, for the safety of your guests and preservation of the custom landscaping we ask that sparkler sendoffs take place at the black pagoda.

Does Dara's Garden provide fans?

Dara’s Garden provides 2 stationary fans in our pavilion during warmer months.  For summer months additional cooling fans can be rented from Event Rentals by Rothchild.  Event Rentals by Rothchild also offers heater rentals for fall and early spring receptions if desired. 

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

There is the chance of rain at any outdoor venue. Rain or shine, an amazing wedding day is always possible. The team at Dara’s Garden is experienced with rain on wedding days. If the ceremony is rained out, couples can use the reception set up in the tent pavilion for their ceremony. Guests can sit at the reception seating. This decision must be made 30 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony. Please note that we will NOT move your ceremony chairs. Once your ceremony is set, it is NOT moved. With the 30-minute notice, we tweak your reception set up to accommodate both a ceremony and reception without the chaos of moving rentals between the ceremony and reception. You can choose to wait for the rain to pass and Dara’s Garden can dry off ceremony chairs with a blower & then wipe them down with towels. If you choose this option, we will extend your reception time.