Is Dara’s Garden an indoor or outdoor venue?

Dara’s Garden is primarily an outdoor location. The tented pavilion is a covered pavilion with surrounding rose bushes, chandelier lighting, and stone walkways. This charming structure has gutters and concrete flooring. It is designed to cover clients and their guest during the event of mild to moderate rainfall and provide shade during hot temperatures. While this enchanting area is water resistant, it is not waterproof nor suited for natural disasters. The house is available as an indoor venue for smaller events such as wedding showers and luncheons. Please inquire about the house rental with a Dara’s Garden Coordinator.

How many guests can your property accommodate?

150 is the recommended guest count as the tent pavilion can seat up to 150 guests comfortably.  This allows for safe spacing for guest seating, bar set up, buffet tables & a dance area in the tent. For higher guests counts another tent may be rented through Event Rentals by Rothchild to extend your covered event space.  200 is the maximum guest count for Dara’s Garden.  All receptions are recommended to be held in our tent pavilion. The tent pavilion chandelier and bistro lighting are included with your package. Inside the house can host up to 45 guests. This setting is perfect for an imitate event not needing a dance floor. Formal Backyard is available for a ceremony of any size or a cocktail hour.

Is there a time limit at Dara’s Garden?

We value being a considerate member of the South Knoxville Community. We ask that all receptions conclude by 10:30 p.m. For summer ceremonies starting at 7 p.m. or later, exceptions can be made after speaking with a Kate or Dara.

Does Dara’s Garden require a wedding planner?

To ensure that your once in a lifetime event comes together seamlessly, we require all Dara’s Garden couples to hire a professional wedding coordinator. Dara’s Garden does NOT offer wedding coordination or planning services. We focus all our efforts and expertise into ensuring that the logistics of your day including the property, catering and included rentals are in place and up to our standard of excellence.

Does Dara’s Garden offer any discounts?
We offer two options for couples looking to make the most of their wedding budget.
1. Dara’s Garden offers up to a $350 Dara’s Garden credit on select packages to clients working with local & approved planners.  We require couples to hire a wedding coordinator for their wedding; so that they may experience a stress-free celebration with their guests, rather than having to answer last minute questions and complete last-minute tasks. Wedding coordinators are vital in balancing the wedding budget. The expertise they offer SAVES client’s time and money. Please contact us for an up-to-date list of approved planners. Packages and inclusions will vary with each coordinator. Every couple is different, so make sure to meet with potential coordinators to select one that best fits your personality and understands your event vision.
2. We offer a 25% discount on the Fairytale, Storybook & Intimate Affair packages for events taking place during the day with an event conclusion of 6pm. This is an ideal option for events taking place in March, April, early May, October, November or December. This is a wonderful option for afternoon & brunch celebrations when daylight hours are less and cooler temperatures are possible. Daytime events are NOT recommended in summer months due to the heat of the day being between 3-6pm.
*Discounts can NOT be combined.
Does Dara’s Garden offer a military discount?

We offer a gift to our military clients as thank you to those who have participated in protecting our freedom. Please inquire with your Dara’s Garden venue coordinator regarding the details of this special offer.

What are my package options for Dara’s Garden?

Dara’s Garden offers four wedding packages & two ceremony packages. For information about our packages, please visit our packages page.

Can Dara’s Garden hold my date? If so, for how long?

We are happy to hold a date for your event for 7 days. It is the responsibility of the client to contact a Dara’s Garden event coordinator via email or by calling the office within SEVEN days of requesting the hold.

What types of events can Dara’s Garden accommodate?

We can accommodate all types of events, including weddings, rehearsal dinners, and milestone celebrations such as birthday, graduation and anniversary parties. We also love hosting bridal and wedding showers, luncheons, company events, fundraisers and banquets.

What is the deposit policy for Dara’s Garden?

50% of the Dara’s Garden invoice balance is due to reserve your wedding date. The remaining invoice balance is due to be paid within 90 days of the deposit being made. The event date will be released should the Dara’s Garden invoice balance remain unpaid after 90 days. For events taking place within 90days of booking, the Dara’s Garden invoice balance MUST be paid in full to reserve your wedding date. Deposits are non-transferable and nonrefundable.

What is the cancellation policy for Dara’s Garden?

Payment of the Dara’s Garden invoice is non-transferable and non-refundable. In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel the date, written notification is required by both parties.

Are my meetings with my Dara’s Garden venue coordinator limited?

We are very excited about your special day and the opportunity to work with you. Please know that we can meet as often as you like or need. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your special day knowing all your details are in place and taken care of.

What happens in the case of rain?

If your ceremony is rained out, you are welcome to use your reception set up in the tent pavilion for your ceremony. Guests can sit at the reception seating. This decision must be made 45 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony. Please note that we will NOT move your ceremony chairs. Once your ceremony is set, it is NOT moved. With the 45 minute notice, we tweak your reception set up to accommodate both a ceremony and reception without the chaos of moving rentals between the ceremony and reception.  You also have the option to rent a tent to cover your ceremony site from Event Rentals by Rothchild.

What is the clean-up policy for Dara’s Garden?

The client is responsible for gathering and taking all personal items they would like to keep.  The gathering and cleaning up of these items can take place once your event has concluded during the 1-hour that the Dara’s Garden staff is on site breaking down your event. This additional clan up time is NOT deducted from your hours of property access.  Dara’s Garde requires each client to have a contact person to be sent home with any items left at your event. Dara’s Garden is not responsible for personal décor not gathered by the agreed contact or items left behind after your event. Please note that any décor left behind after your event will be discarded.

What time do I have access to the property to begin set up?

You can arrive on the property at your contracted arrival  time. Your contacted arrival time is  dependent on the selected package and event timeline. Contracted arrival time is when access on the property is allowed. This is when set up of personal decor can begin and access to the suites is granted.

The event conclusion time is when your last song is to be played and your event ends. At Dara’s Garden, you are only responsible for cleaning up and taking with you any items you do not want thrown away. This can be done during the hour after your event while the Dara’s Garden staff is breaking down. This hour  is additional time, NOT deducted from your selected event package hours.

If vendors need early access for any reason, please have them contact a Dara’s Garden venue coordinator. Their request will be accommodated to the best of our capabilities.

Can I purchase additional hours?

Additional hours for the property can be purchased.  Check with you Dara’s Garden venue coordinator regarding the hourly early access and or extended reception rates.

What is Dara’s Garden wedding rehearsal policy?

Dara’s Garden offers a complimentary rehearsal hour with the rental of our facility. It is our policy to schedule rehearsal times no earlier than one month prior to your wedding date to accommodate other events taking place.  The only exception to this policy is selecting the Fairytale package, allowing you 2 days of access. If an event is not taking place the day prior to your event, the latest time for a rehearsal to begin is 5 p.m.

Can we reuse the chairs used at my ceremony for the reception?

We do not recommend transporting chairs during your event. It is best for the comfort of your guests and the setup of your event to have all chairs in place before guests arrive.

What if I need or want an additional tent for my ceremony or reception?

Our included tent pavilion structure can accommodate seating of 150 guests, food tables, DJ, bar and dance area comfortably. If the guest count exceeds 175, we strongly recommend renting an additional tent for your food tables or overflow seating in the case of rain. You may also prefer to tent your ceremony site if you are concerned with the possibility of rain. To ensure inventory is available for your desired tent rental, please contact Event Rentals by Rothchild (865-531-0269) at the beginning of your planning process to reserve a tent with a small deposit. Event Rentals is the required rental company for tent rentals at Dara’s Garden.

Does Dara’s Garden allow outside caterers on the property?

Dara’s Garden works exclusively with Rothchild Catering. There are no exceptions to allow any other outside catering companies on the property. We partner with our sister company, Rothchild Catering, to guarantee a seamless and excellent Dara’s Garden experience priced at the best value on the day of your special event. Rothchild Catering has been in business for over 30 years. They can offer menu suggestions and can custom create a desired menu based on a variety of individual tastes and cultural backgrounds.

When is my catering balance due to be paid?

The Rothchild catering payment & final guest count are due 2 weeks prior to your event.  Your menu order will not be placed until payment is received. Amount paid will be based on the number of guests guaranteed or amount served, whichever is greater. If catering payment is not received, Dara’s Garden will only set your ceremony the day of your event.

Does Dara’s Garden have a required rental company?

Dara’s Garden includes rentals in all our event packages. For additional standard rentals NOT included in your Dara’s Garden package, we require you to rent from Event Rentals by Rothchild. We consider standard rentals to be tables, tents, chairs and bistro lighting.

We understand that each couple has their own unique style. We do work with specialty rental companies for custom linens and styled pieces for your event. Please check with your Dara’s Garden venue coordinator to make sure your specialty rental company is approved at Dara’s Garden.

Are there other required vendors?

At Dara’s Garden we REQUIRE you to select from one of four local, licensed and insured bartending services: Single Barrel Events, Vital Event Services, Drink Knox or The Pour Guys. Please note that bar services outside of this list are not approved to work at Dara’s Garden.

Can I bring in my own alcohol to Dara’s Garden?

Alcohol for your event can be provided by you, the Dara’s Garden client and is to be served ONLY by the approved bartending companies listed above. Guests of the event are not allowed to bring alcohol on the property and all alcoholic beverages consumed on property must be served by approved bartending companies ONLY as they are ABC certified licensed & insured bartenders. Dara’s Garden wants you and your guests to celebrate your memorable milestone in a safe and secure setting. This policy is in place for the safety of your guests and so that Dara’s Garden is keeping compliance with the alcohol laws of Tennessee.

What cake bakers are approved at Dara’s Garden?

All  cake bakers must be licensed and insured. Dara’s Garden is not responsible for the setup and placement of cakes delivered by the approved vendors. We recommend your cake to be set-up and delivered as close to the ceremony time as possible.

Does Dara’s Garden require an officer to be present at my event?

Dara’s Garden wants you and your guests to celebrate your memorable milestone in a safe and secure setting. We do require that a uniformed security officer be present during every event.  This is for the safety and security of your guests. The officer is on the property making sure that guests are able leave the garden safely. They also ensure that the policy of no outside alcohol, is kept. The officer is scheduled and paid directly by Dara’s Garden.

Are sparklers allowed at Dara’s Garden?

We do allow sparklers at Dara’s Garden. However, for the safety of your guests and preservation of the custom landscaping we ask that sparkler sendoffs take place at the red pagoda.

Does Dara’s Garden provide heaters/fans?

Dara’s Garden provides heaters for events taking place during the fall and winter months.  For summer months cooling fans can be rented from Event Rentals by Rothchild.